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US$18/DAY or US$120/WEEK

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How old do you have to be to rent from EFAY?
    Between the ages of 18 and 90 years old

Is there a fee for additional drivers?

How much is the additional driver fee?
    $3.00 per day, if additional driver is not spouse

Can I rent with cash? Do I need a Credit Card?
    You can pay your bill and deposit in cash

Can I rent from EFAY, then return the car to a different location?
    We can rent and pick up the car at any location in Jamaica for a reasonable fee

Do you offer an Airport Shuttle?
    Yes, an airport shuttle is available free of charge - call us when you land or make prior arrangements, and we'll pick you up after you've claimed your baggage.

What are your office hours?
    Regular office hours are 9am to 5pm. Seven days a week.

What if my flight departs after you are closed?
    Special arrangements can be made for customers after hours upon request.

What types of insurance do you offer?
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): Collision Damage Waiver fee is charged so that in the event of an accident or loss renters liability is limited to USD$1000 and all the liability in excess of USD$1000 shall be waived with regards to our Motor Vehicle. This coverage offers you the peace of mind of US$1000 deductible car insurance. This coverage is an "Add On" coverage.   This can be declined if your credit card covers car rental damage.   Please verify this before you rent from us as most credit card companies no longer offer coverage in Jamaica.  Collision Damage Waiver is U.S. $9.00 per day (Group A-C). Collision Damage Waiver is U.S. $14.00 per day  (Group D). Collision Damage Waiver is U.S. $14.00 per day  (Group E). A refundable deposit may be charged and this varies at the discretion of EFAY. You can ask about doubling the CDW fee to even reduce your liability further.  Third Party Insurance fee is USD$7 per day and this is for eliminating all liabilities that may arise when you use the motor vehicle and cause damage to another person or property.

Do you offer pickup/drop off services?

We do offer complimentary pick up and drop off around Montego Bay. Also for reservations 14 days and more we do FREE islandwide delivery.

Are rates advertised correct?

Reservations that are confirmed with a payment are guaranteed bookings that cannot be increased. Otherwise rates are subjected to change without notice. Prepaid booking are NON refundable.

What is the cost of EXTRAS?

The cost of a GPS is $3 per day. Additional Driver is $2 per day. Cellular Phone is $1 per day. Drop Fee for the County of Cornwall is$25. Drop Fee for the County of Middlesex is $50. Drop for the County of Surrey is $70.Child Seat is $4 per day.


Reservations for more than 7 days booked 30 days prepaid in advance can benefit from a FREE extras!